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The Speedrun Mission

The Developer's Tear

The developer's tear.
That fleeting moment of inspiration.
The thrill of one less step.

As a software developer, I experience these emotions when I slay toil. Toil is the warm up before you can do what you came to do. It seeps into every aspect of a developer's day. It manifests as logging in, finding and replacing, formatting inputs, building command lines and clicking.

It's all nonsense.

Which is why I built Speedrun. Simple markdown to build tools right into your documentation, so users can do what they came to do with a click.

A speedrun is when you've weaponized every shortcut, pushed every limit and finished before anyone even asked. What's exciting is you aren't doing anything different. Speedrun strafes the toil out of the tools you already use, wrapping them to make them faster, safer and easier. Your job is to come in hot and click.

That click will prompt for inputs, get AWS credentials, run JavaScript and reference configuration. And wiring it up is so fast, you can eliminate toil in less time than screaming into the backlog. Unlike other tools, Speedrun allows you to fix it when you see it. Instant deployments and simple role-based permissions let your teammates immediately click the same button. And now because your documentation is actually useful, your team will continuously improve it and it will always be up to date.

Toil changes today. If you woke up this morning and said "nevermore", join the bravehearts who are already pushing out the guardrails. Speedrun has everything you need to bring your GitHub documentation, README's and runbooks to life.

Speedrun's mission is to make every run a speedrun and to create documentation that slays. It's early, but it's ready for anything.

Let's build.