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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Speedrun?

Speedrun is markdown to build tools. It lets you build tools right into your documentation so users can run them with a click.

What is it used for?

It removes the toil and steps often found in documentation. It excels in creating executable runbooks, simplifying operations, wrapping complex tools with a UI, invoking Lambdas and Step Functions and running tools in different environments. You get the most benefit if you use both AWS and GitHub, but it can work with just GitHub. Read the landing page for a full list of use cases.

How does it compare to tools like Retool, Superblocks, Windmill, etc?

Speedrun is lighter weight and augments the tools you already use. Instead of building new tools, you are creating thin wrappers around urls and command lines that makes them faster and safer to use. Speedrun blocks get credentials, prompt for and format inputs and reference configuration so they solve your specific problem. To make a Speedrun block, you write markdown and only use JavaScript for text formatting, you don't need to learn React or use specific libraries.

Why was it created?

In my role at AWS Identity building global scale web services, time was the most precious resource. I didn't have time to warm up, I needed to speedrun everything. Shortcuts like using markdown to build tools and documentation at the same time just made sense. Although I was doing little more than pasting the commands I had just run into the documentation the technology that made it into a tool was transformative and it enabled teammates to solve variations of the same problem with a click. Speedrun brings that same power to reduce toil to clicks to everyone.

Why is it implemented as a TamperMonkey script?

A TamperMonkey script was the least effort way to support Firefox, Chrome and Firefox for Android with a single code base. Additionally, it can enhance the sites you already use including GitHub and the AWS Console so you don't need to learn a new UI. The downside is that you need to install a browser plugin and script to get the full experience. If that is a blocker, provide feedback to let us know if you'd prefer a browser extension or embeddable script/React component for any site.