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Bifurcating Lambda Logs

Log with bytes streaming out of it

It is common to emit two log types; application logs and request logs from a service application. In EC2, ECS and Fargate these logs can be pumped to separate CloudWatch Log Groups using the CloudWatch Agent, FireLens and FluentBit. Unfortunately in Lambda, these logs can only go to one log group. In this post, I explore a method for pumping request logs to a separate log group to workaround this Lambda limitation.

Logging for scale

Beavers with chainsaws

How to log Hello World is taught, but how to log something useful isn't. Too often, developers add logging until their code works, then they forget about it. In this post I'll teach you how to instrument your code with request logs so when you have millions of users and production is going sideways, you know exactly what is going on.