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Speedrun infuses GitHub Markdown with the ability to build tools. The full power of AWS is now accessible with a click from your documentation.

What is this sorcery?

Speedrun powers up GitHub Markdown so it can:

It does exactly what you need, in the tools you already use, straight from GitHub Markdown. No warmup, just go.


Markdown to build tools.

See it in action

Sizzle Reel

Invoking an AWS Lambda function

Invoking a Lambda

What can I do with it?

  • Create documentation that can do it for you
  • Create executable runbooks
  • Use GitHub Identity to switch between your authorized AWS accounts and roles
  • Federate to exact locations in the AWS Console or deeplink into any website based on user input
  • Wrap a command line with a UI
  • Reduce toil, clicks, and user error
  • Build tools for non-technical users
  • Invoke AWS Lambda functions and AWS Step Functions and drop events onto an EventBridge Event Bus from your GitHub documentation
  • Embed third-party content (CloudWatch Dashboards, YouTube, CodePen etc.) in your GitHub documentation
  • Encourage least privilege access principles by reducing effort to use scoped-down roles
  • View AWS resources like CloudWatch Dashboards secured with GitHub Identity on a mobile device
  • Encourage a "Fix It" culture, it's easier to do it than put it in the backlog
  • Audit who did what, every AWS interaction is associated with a GitHub user and can be traced in CloudTrail

Heck yeah! How do I start?

Follow the Getting Started steps