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Done before the bass drops

Rossy B

Are you ready to make your AWS accounts go BRRR? Announcing the Speedrun done before the bass drops competition. A fun competition where you'll be using Speedrun blocks to complete the most insane thing you can before the bass drops at 90 seconds and everyone loses their minds. I'm accepting submissions any time between now and 01/15/2024 11:59:59 PM PST.

The rules

  1. You will submit a video of your speedrun.
  2. Whatever you do must be done before the bass drops, you have 90 seconds.
  3. You can extend the video by up to 30 seconds with an outro as long as it's you vibing to the bass drop.
  4. So there are no licensing issues, I've commissioned a song for you to play in the background. The bass drop is right at 90 seconds. You are free to use this song for this competition only. Download it here.
  5. You should be visible in the video as you screenshare your speedrun. You don't need to say anything but at a minimum you should be gently bumping your head to the beat.

The goal of your video is to show off. Think guitar solo. Think barrel roll. Think joyride. I want you to flaunt what Speedrun can do and show how fast you can go from zero to click. Go hard, go big, and turn up the wow.

The prize categories

  1. God mode: $125 Amazon gift card: To win this, you must livecode a Speedrun block and click it before the bass drops. You are free to use other Speedrun blocks to help build your block, or have backing infrastructure like a lambda function already setup. The only requirement is that you build at least one block, save the page and when you click it, it slaps hard. See my fun sample here.
  2. Bullet time: $100 Amazon gift card: To win this, you need to just click the Speedrun buttons, everything is setup before hand. Show me how you drift through AWS, make your tires go skrreeee and make it so I almost need to slow down the video to see what sorcery you did.
  3. The Wildcard: $75 Amazon gift card. I love it when I see someone do something fast. You don't even need to use Speedrun or AWS. Just speedrun anything and blow my mind.

Submitting your video

  1. Put your video on any video sharing site, it can be unlisted.
  2. Either post it tagging @NoBackspaceCrew on Twitter or DM me a link in the Discord


  1. All submissions must be received by 01/15/2024 11:59:59 PM PST.

Reach out in the Discord if you have questions or get stuck, I'm happy to help you get configured and with building your first Speedrun block.

Fine print

  1. You must be 18 years or older to participate.
  2. If you submit a video, I'd really appreciate if I can use it to promote Speedrun. If you don't want me to, just let me know.

Update 1/8/2024

No entries yet, so if you submit an entry you currently have a 100% chance of winning! Don't worry about production values, the goal is to have fun. I made this to inspire you:

Update 1/16/2024

Unfortunately no one submitted an entry. Game over.